Accesskeys aren't working

Accesskeys are not working for me. (I’m on Firefox, where the accesskey modifer is control+option.) Whether it’s previous level (Z), next level (C ), mute/unmute (M), pause (P ), show help screen (L), or anything else, it doesn’t work at all. Nothing happens. I’ve tried other accesskey modifiers just in case, without success.

AdBlock and tracking protection are turned off on Memrise, so that isn’t the issue. I also don’t have any extensions that would affect Memrise. (Edit: I double-checked by launching my browser in Safe Mode.)

I don’t know if the developers ever plan to do anything about some things.

The problem could be related to how they designed the app to dynamically load the page.

I have written a script to add some accesskeys back to learning sessions but it will break any other script that waits for a page change:

I would also recommend holding option+shift +accesskey

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Thanks for letting us know about this. We will be looking into it. Apologies, I will let you know when this is fixed