Access to non-official courses disabled

(Wouter9999983) #1

with the planned move to decks there is no access to the courses anymore with the app installed, as the website redirects you to the app which shows only the few offical ones which are not very interesting. I had to uninstall the app to get access again to the othere courses, which is very disappointing. I am not going to pay for a pro account untill that gives me access to an app with interesting courses. I try to use duolingo instead of memrise in the meantime as much as possible but that also lacks popular languages like Thai.

(Lena) #2

Actually it is possible to access community-made courses from your phone with the app installed, though it may be a bit tricky. In you browser, copy the link to a course (instead of following the link directly) and then paste the link from your clipboard in a new tab address line. The browser will open the course you need.