Access Memrise Community in Android?

Is there any way to access to Memrise Community via the Memrise App? Or is there a separate app for the community I can download?

Hi @ZhouHaoChen,

There is a way but it is a bit tortuous!

In “Settings”, choose “Help”, then scroll down (and down and down!) until you reach the “Announcements” section. Under that, tap on “What is the Memrise Community Forum?”. On that page, you will find a link to the forum.

Good luck!


Ah there it was. Thanks! I have to log in again though, so it seems that the community there isn’t actually inside the app but only opens the website.
Still works though, thanks.

Yes, the Memrise Community Forum is housed on ‘Discourse’ and so operates separately from the Memrise website and the app. Only around 22K Memrise users have found their way to the forum so far.