About the Spanish (Latin-American/Mexican) category

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I think it is great that Memrise has decided to split the Spanish category. Here in the forum, they are calling it Latin-American/Mexican, which is great. But in the course categories, Memrise is only calling that category “Mexican”. That is highly inaccurate. I suggest “Latin-American” (or maybe abbreviate as LATAM), as that automatically includes Mexican.


Thank you for the new branch.
I’d support the call for naming it as LATAM.
I doubt you are going to create different courses for every major Spanish-speaking country. So logically, it’s already LATAM.

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Yeah, let’s not call it Mexican, I know it’s spoken quite particularly in Mexico but there’s not such thing as Mexican Spanish

estamos de acuerdo en este… “Mexican Spanish” no tiene respeto por la gente quien hablan español en Centroamerica y America del Sur.