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I’m sorry if I have caused any confusion here. I thought it would be a good idea to split this topic and move the more recent posts to a new one in this category, mainly so that it would show in the various lists. But, when I did, it looked a bit odd - so I undid the changes. :confounded:

We definitely need a place to discuss courses that aren’t language courses, but this particular category and name is indeed weird and confusing.

I suggest a “Other learning topics” category at the top level, and underneath it subcategories for “geography”, “science & nature”, etc. plus “other” for the oddballs.

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@alanh @Arete_Hime @DW7 @cos Taking note, adding to to-do list but not as a major priority so looking at probably next week to rearrange/create extra categories.


Many thanks for your posted reply Olivia.

I assume by your inclusion of me, that you are also considering the reinstatement of the report an error button in the Course Forum, which I inferred here and actually requested elsewhere.

( I see you followed my suggestion, elsewhere, that a brief acknowledgement is not only appreciated but sufficient, so thanks.)

The removal of that button was a technical decision as part of a process to find a better way to upkeep user-created courses. It will be reinstated but in a different incarnation, one that will be determined soon.


Many thanks Olivia :slight_smile: and MemRise team :smile_cat:

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Hi @cos et al,

I agree and your simpler Forum thread title definition is good but one might say “Other to what?”.

I was going to offer perhaps TWO group names (which is similar to what you are saying):

One for Science related courses and

Another for Art subjects - or some other name that included History etc, not just paintings.

Perhaps “Humanities & Arts”.

Taken all the way, it could match the categorises used for learning on MemRise.

However, this comes back to what I posted many times in the past, that the Categories really needed an overhaul and I did offer many simplifications which the team have in that vault (and my emails).

However keeping it general is good, as I still believe that specific points about specific courses should be reported in the Course Forum, so the course Creator and Contributors can consider it.

Continuing the discussion from About the Non-language courses - Reports and requests category:

[ Why was that topic closed?!? ]

I suggested “Other” as a counterpart to Language. A majority of Memrise courses seem to be language courses, and we already have a top level category for Language courses. Other would be for the rest, and would have subcategories (such as the ones you suggest, like art). I think trying to separate all of the non-language courses into several different top-level categories would make the categories more cluttered and harder to navigate; it’d be better to have one top level category for course discussions for courses that are not language learning. It also provide a straightforward place for people to post about courses whose more specific category is unclear or ambiguous, since there could be a general subcategory (or people could just post directly in the top level category).


Since everyone seems intent on continuing the discussion and to not scatter the discussion over multiple threads, I’ve re-opened this.

Thanks @Arete_Hime that makes it simpler. I was getting confused and wondered where the useful discussion had gone.

Can I make you all aware of this post I’ve started following @OliviaZavala announcement:

I thought that now we know what is proposed we might like to discuss it in a new thread.

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Some levels of a course I was learning http://www.memrise.com/course/43238/durham-university-medicine-year-one/ have disappeared… what do I do to find them? I can’t seem to find a course forum any more to contact the creator. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @tori.davies.58aa

Some levels of a course have disappeared.

Hi there, I see 161 levels including multimedia levels. Are you using the web browser view?

If you are using an app, you can’t see the multimedia levels and the numbering may be different to take that into account.

I can’t seem to find a course forum any more to contact the creator.

As you may have read from the thread above (Changes to Course Forums), embedded course forums have gone and many creators (but not all) have set up "[Course Forum]"s by course, subject or creator.

@m.k.caygill has not been highlighted (like your name above) so has not appeared in this Forum yet.

As it’s an old course (low number) it may no longer be supported.

There is a thread about contacting the MemRise team to contact the creator. Have you seen that?

Thanks. Yes, I can see that many, but a month or two ago there were several more and they were the anatomy ones, which have all disappeared…
No, I haven’t - where would I find it? Thank you!

I wonder if those levels have been either incorporated or moved to another course.

Try this:

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Thank you! Email sent, waiting on reply… :slight_smile:

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