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I just wanted to chime in and say that Memrise either intentionally or unintentionally dropped my petition to improve and retool their Native American language categories, previously seen at http://feedback.memrise.com/forums/252790-website-feedback/suggestions/8681638-native-american-language-categories. In that petition, I argued that the way Native American languages are categorized now makes very little sense and, if categorized by individual language, could end up being massive. Instead, I believe they should be categorized by language family, or even subfamilies, and not by individual languages. They do include the Algonquian language family, but then list Potawatomi as it’s own category, even though it is a member of the Algonquian language family. As it stands, most Native American languages fall into the “other” category in memrise because the languages are not categorized by family and, because most languages do not have their own category, the “other” category is the only option for course creators. On the other hand, categorizing by language families would capture most if not all languages and then a category for language isolates would capture the rest…


Really glad there is a Native American languages section. Great to have this. before the great Memrise team put our Miwok Language in the category of Greenlandic… because there was no other section. Now there is one with a host of Native American languages (now including our Miwok Language and related dialects).

Thank you very much.