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I would love to hear some learning tips and tricks! There is talking in general here which is great, but tips and tricks to help us learn would be awesome…

My tip would be to be to try not to focus on ones performance, but improve a little day by day (hare and tortoise stuff). To me, it helps me to enjoy my learning and not get stressed. The other tip I have found helpful is to be brave, and try broadening your interests. Sometimes, I watch a You-Tube video or bbciplayer(UK) programme on a subject that I wouldn’t normally watch. For instance, a classical music performance. If I am not interested at first, I will watch for another ten minutes with an open mind. Very often, that extra exposure to the subject suddenly gets me interested and I get hooked. That leads on to all sorts. I find myself learning about the instruments, and what they can do, wanting to find out more about the lives of composers, reading music, playing an instrument… There is not enough time in the day to learn all the exciting new things!

Help - As of today Monday Dec 12 I am not being credited with any points on any course, although I am on my leaderboard. Is this another update? Unable to make any progress until this problem is resolved. Any ideas?

I would like it if you guys included kanji in the japanese words, when it comes to your mother-languages, please.

Well I have been using Memrise for a bit now but today I was surprised to see the course I’d finished two days ago show up with course review on it. I thought when I was finished with all levels and moved on to the next course in line that any review would appear there. I finished all 44 levels of French 3 and started French 4 and suddenly I am show 118 in the course review. What is that about. Should I check all the previous levels? Why isn’t review simply added to the next course?