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@OliviaZavala: Where is the search feature located? Click on the magnifying glass at the upper right hand section of the purple toolbar.

Is there a place where we can talk in the language we are learning with other users in order to practice the language?

I was curious where all the other courses besides language where, i used this app several years ago and it used have math, science, and several other types of courses available all of it completely free, now it seems only limited to languages and it cost a premium to continue the courses. I suppose I just dont understand the point of limiting the types of courses available and charging alot for them when the whole appeal and idea behind this app was the fact that it was free. Will other course type be available in the future, I must say I am slightly disappointed I thought and spoke of this app very highly to others based on what it used to be.

Hi @worldknownartist84 If you use the web version you will see all your courses on your home page and you can search for any course.

I’m not sure, but I think any courses started on the web should then appear on the app home page.

I think user created and supported courses can be studied in full for free.