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How it would be with categorisation of advanced english vocabulary courses, when such courses focus on widening vocabulary alone, most often regardless on whether in context of British or American English?

The following particular one be most probably closer to British category, I assume. (I use it as an example)

However the whole issue of splitting english into 2 subcategories seems to be tricky… I would love to see subcategory Advanced English (I had been looking for it from the moment I came, monts ago and then I already wondered if such topic would be interesting for others, how they would reason about it, where they would be searching for it) and it is very unclear to me to this day - where such category should be placed?

Related to categorisation it seems inconsequential to me, to look if advanced english vocabulary course is more based on British, American or …, New Zealand/ian English as the basis for the category.

Am I wrong?