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(Memrise Matty) #1

This FAQ is currently under construction. You’ll find all the information you need about what Decks is and how it works here. To begin, we’ve included the most relevant articles to get started and we’ll be adding more as we come closer to the official Decks launch in mid-March

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(Alternative Be) #2

Thank you for this information!
I am looking forward to the new Decks platform.
However, I can’t find any url leading to the new site.
Is the site live at this moment?

I am concerned because I do follow some community made courses on Memrise right now.

(Stanley Parker71) #3

Where do I make general comments? I’m not liking decks so far. It’s too much like the computer version which I found to damned hard to use. I did all of my learning on a tablet where inputing was so much easier. But now I may drop it altogether.

(Selwyndd21) #4

After I read the announcement from Memrise team, my question is “where is the deck?”.

Maybe I am stupid to find it in anywhere or just it is not in the announcement email. I have to search into the discussion threads to find the deck webpage (website), not in Official email.

For other newcomers, the deck website currently is (https://decks.memrise.com/), where I found in the discussion thread (“Update: Decks mobile app!” and “Decks website is live!”)

(Qzjake) #5

May… let me know if I can help. I have over two decades software dev experience and love Memrise.