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I haven’t created one yet although I am a moderator of one. I also have a few ideas for courses that I would like to put together. Trying to find a source for audio for a language that one is learning is quite challenging. Putting together word lists is easy enough but I believe that the courses with audio imprint in the mind much better. Has anyone found any really good (open) sources of good quality foreign language snippets for such a purpose?

(I am particularly looking for Cantonese but I thought it would be a good general question for this category.)

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I have another query for both the Memrise staff and for course creators.

There are quite a few courses that are good quality with a few errors that appear to have been abandoned by the author. I say appear as the course forum can have errors reported and unanswered for over a year. What would be the correct thing to do in this case?


Thanks @DW7

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Full post (in easier to read format):

Hi Sifushano,

Saying the obvious, “abandoned” courses are:

  1. where the creator is named as “deleted” with a list of numbers or

  2. where they never reply to posts in their Course Forums (as you have found).

If I find an apparent abandoned course I wish to look after, I first
post in the Course Forum and wait an appropriate amount of time (none if
no replies for a year).

I then email the team info@memrise.com and ask for them to contact
the creator (if possible) to see if they would be happy to have me as a
Contributor. They then action appropriately - ie if no reply they make
me a Contributor. Sometimes the Creator then replies to the post and
says he’s happy and has made me a contributor.

Finally I add to the course description that I am supporting the course.

Hope that helps.

PS - Please note this post was written when MemRise had embedded posts that directly emailed the course Creator (and any Contributors).

These have now gone and we now have this large Forum and rely on the creator coming here to set him/ herself up with an @jjstheman name.

Ideally they should also create an [Course Forum] either for a course of group of courses in a subject area.

This is the way I have done it [Course Forum] Courses by and supported by DW7 ~ READ THIS! ~ START HERE! and I’ve created many dedicated threads for courses by individuals.

Now to request contributing to an abandoned course, we should verify they are not around then make a request in the Abandoned Courses group with all the detail asked for.


For single words or very short phrases, Forvo is - as far as I know - the only comprehensive resource.


Thanks @kuah. It looks good. I’ll give it a go. :+1:

I’m currently making a Spanish course based on vocabulary and phrases that I’ve found in the media and entertainment:

Only a few words have audio right now. How do I use Forvo in an efficient manner.

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I use @carpediem’s excellent browser script: http://www.memrise.com/thread/1334937/


Over the years I have reported two bugs with courses. Is this the right place to post the issues again?

The issues are in emails to yourselves and in that Forum you have access to.

One is about leading numbers in typing an answer (it can give the right answer before it is fully answered).

Another issue was that the this course:

which remembered an old map and presented it as an option (possible answer) even thought it was deleted from the database and the course had been un-listed and saved and re-listed (which was meant to be a trick to purge the alternative options)

I don’t want to take up your or other people’s valuable time if you are aware of them.


Also you may remember I had a problem ‘moving’ an item to a different level in this course:

because it could not find it in the database (yet it was there in the level I wanted to move it out of)!

Possibly because I listed the course in another category first.