About the course "American Geography" by CFT

Hope you’re still using memrise …
I will start by apologizing if my English is not perfect, but I am French and I will try to be as clear as possible.
I really enjoyed the American Geography course, which I am currently learning, only I have one request that could be of benefit to everyone if you don’t have a problem with that.
I know that it takes time, I do it myself in the courses I created: would it be possible according to you, to take a little time to add alternatives / shortcuts, at least to the longest words: this is what I did in my lessons, I’m sorry if I suggest you do a job that is a bit boring and can be long, but it makes learning much more enjoyable …
At least for long or compound words.
In case I explain myself: for example, for Honolulu, adding alternatives “H” and “HL” to break the word in acronyms HonoLulu. Or “Baton Rouge” abbreviated to “BR”
We hope you like the idea!
Kind regards,
A fan :wink: