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Hi, Olivia

how does one add a new language lounge? for ex Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Indonesia?

many thanks

Hi @Hydroptere, I will be creating categories for the most learned languages in Memrise, first. After that, we’ll create regional sub-categories (like in the website) to accommodate all other languages. This will take a bit of time to create, so bare with me for a few days while I make it happen! :slight_smile:


I noticed that we have the ability to pin a thread on a per-user basis. Very very cool! Will we also have a way to pin a sub-category? For example, I’m mainly working on French and German right now, so I would love to have those two languages appear at the top of the language lounge. But a user learning Bahasa Melayu would likely want to pin that category to the top. Can this be implemented?

This topic was not put into a sub-category, it’s probably this that makes it not show up for me in any of the view all views. So I’d suggest an extra sub-category like General Discussion in here. Or it’s just old, but then I should still see it when there are new replies.

@lmashton, speaking out of turn, perhaps the options accessed through the button next to the “New Topic” button offers an approximation: watch, track, normal, mute. I don’t know what these do.

Hi Olivia,

That´s good to know. I hope you have Finnish on your list of those to be added soon. :pray: :wink:


A Finnish category would be lovely. :slight_smile:


I would like to request Vietnamese be added. Going by the numbers I doubt it fits the category of most learned, but I think it will be growing thanks to the addition of Vietnamese on Duolingo and - more importantly - the growing political and economic relevance of Vietnam.

Cantonese also please @OliviaZavala. :slight_smile:

Bon die e bon anno, io ha difficultate a scriber in anglese, assi io regretta io scribe in interlingua e io spera que vos me comprende. Vos pote responder in anglese proque io comprende le anglese mesmo si non sape lo scriber ben. Gratias.

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  Hi, I found what I believe to be a typo in 'Comprehensive Uyghur'.  Now Uyghur is classified as an 'other' language on Memrise.  Should I include my question under 'other middle-eastern languages' (Uyghur is not a middle-eastern language, but I guess it uses an Arabic type script?)? Under 'Chinese'? Under 'Turkish' (Uyghur being a Turkic language) or should I wait for you to start a new category on here? If this really is a typo, it would be nice to get it fixed: every time I type what I believe to be a correct answer, the website tells me I'm wrong.  I don't care about the leaderboard and marks, like AT ALL, but it would be nice not to learn a mistake! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Is this where I request a course forum, or is that something you request for? I’m a bit new to language development communities.