About the Beginner's Finnish by toby1kenobi

First of all, I would like to thank toby1kenobi for giving me a way to learn Finnish. I am very grateful to learn this facinating language. Here is the course in question: http://www.memrise.com/course/377/beginners-finnish/

Today, after reaching beyond about dozen words on the Level 1, I came across a confusing question. It asked me to pick a definition of a Finnish word read out loud to me by audio. I heard a word I did not learn yet (‘ustua’ is what I heard, but I am not sure of the exact word) and the answer was ‘to be able to, can’, which was pystyä. I definitely did and do not hear the ‘py’ sound, so it is possible that there is an error on the audio. I do not know much about technology; the problem could be on my side also.

Please take a look into my issue. I wish to thank toby1kenobi once more for creating that remarkable course. Thank you.

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Hi @ChaosGamer,

I took that course a while ago. I don’t think its creator toby1kenobi has been active on Memrise for some time. So, it may not be possible to edit that entry.

I have listened to the audio file for the entry and agree that it is not as clear as it should be. It sounds like it may have been uploaded from this Forvo file, because they sound similar: https://forvo.com/word/pystyä/

I have also found this clearer pronunciation of what it should sound like: http://en.bab.la/dictionary/finnish-english/pystyä#tr

Hope it helps, anyway.


Dear alanh,

Thank you for your helpful comment! I will use the pronunciation from the website you have provided me. Have a great afternoon!