About october scratchcards

Hello there! I’m new to memrise community and I received a notification about something called a scratchcard. I scratched it, then got something called a scratchpoint. I read about them and turns out they are for some kind of competition. Also, when I scratched the card it said ‘click here to see the leaderboard’ or something like that. I clicked it aand nothing happened? How do I see my scratchpoint ranking on the leaderboard? Could someone please help me? Thanks you.

Hi @denizefeaydin0897,

They ran one of these for app users earlier in the year. Here is a link to the final outcome so you see how it works. I am guessing that this one will operate in a similar way:

I just had a look on my app and had the same outcome as you. Tapping on the link to the new leaderboard just took me back to the course page. Maybe the leaderboard isn’t up and running yet.

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Hi, everyone! Thanks for pointing this out - we’re already investigating the issue with the link and hope to have a solution shortly. In the meantime, you can check the leaderboard and all the campaign details here - https://www.memrise.com/learn-play-win. The leaderboard is updated once a day, in the morning (GMT time) so it reflects the no. of points at that particular time of the day.


Thank you so much! This was plaguing me for the day since I’m into friendly competitions like this. This was an answer to all my problems since I wanted the leaderboard and information about the contest! :smile:


Thanks for the explanation and the link. I may be mis-reading them, but could you clarify the start and end dates given in the Ts&Cs?

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No worries at all, happy to help. The campaign runs from the 4th to the 11th of October. The T&Cs now reflect the correct dates. Hope this helps and if there’s anything else, just give me a shout. Have a great day!

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