About multiple choice options

(Charlotte3572) #1

Hi, I just create a memrise course
But in the multiple choice mode I found that there’ll always have numbers in the options
I only create a course with English words for Chinese user (no other attributes)
Can someone tell me why??
Can I turn it off??

(Translucence) #2

I think you’re talking about which keyboard button to press for that answer … press 1 for the first option, press 2 for the second …

(Charlotte3572) #3

No, I means these number in choices

(Olaf Rabbachin) #4

You must have had those numbers in your course previously. If they aren’t there (anymore), you’ll experience the so called phantom entries. Here’s a search for forum posts on this subject. The first thread provides the necessary information on how to get rid of those, albeit not being all too simple/straightforward.

If that’s too complicated for you, add me as a contributor to your course, I could then run the script for you and you could remove me again afterwards.

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(Charlotte3572) #5

Hello Olaf, I had follow the subject and run the script.
But it seen doesn’t change anything.
I had already add you to my course as contributor.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #6

If you still see the numbers then I would assume that they are actually words/vocabulary in your course. Try editing the course and do a search for the number, but be aware that the search doesn’t work well (I often fail to find 100% positives!).

Are you sure? It doesn’t show up on my course list. Can you post the link to your course? FWIW, that was just meant to perform the elimination of phantom entries for you - if you’ve already done that then all I can do is have a look at your course and its settings (I suppose this is Japanese which I can’t read at all :slight_smile: )

(Charlotte3572) #7

Ok, here it’s my course link. And you’re right the search for the number didn’t work :joy:

(Olaf Rabbachin) #8

First of all: your course does look like nothing I’ve ever seen.
Did you know that there is two different approaches to editing your course? I presume that what you did is to use the default view where you see the level structure, i. e.:

There is a second view though, I’ll simply call it the database view. To see this view, click the Databases button, then your DB (English, you have only one):

What you’ll then see is the following, and this is also where your number entries are coming from:

Now what is very strange about the course is that I can see there Chinese vocabulary in the levels, but in the database view this vocabulary will not start before going to page 8 in the database view (scroll down in the browser to see the page controls located at the bottom). Also notable is the fact that wherever there are numbers in the English column, there will be the English word in the Chinese column. My personal conclusion:

  • while you are in database view, go ahead and delete all entries on pages 1-8 (with numbers from 1 to 124 in the English column)
  • run the script to eliminate phantom entries (I can do that for you, just let me know) to assure that the numbers are removed from the database (otherwise they might still show up as multiple choice entries during tests)
  • in case you’re using the app: log off and back in to receive the updated content
(Olaf Rabbachin) #9

Further to what I wrote above: I’d be interested to find out why there is entries in the database view that do not show up in the level view. Has anybody else ever seen this happen?

(Charlotte3572) #10

I just follow your steps to delete the database which have numbers and run the scripts, now everything works fine :heart_eyes:. Thank you so~ much
I had a little question about database, if I add words in the database it will still divide into different levels??
And whether this phantom entries happened was because I imported the words from excel??

(Olaf Rabbachin) #11

Glad to see that it is working!

That I actually don’t know, you’ll have to try it out yourself.

As to the phantom entries: this is actually about words that show up while being tested but that have been removed from the database (such as the number entries that you removed).
Read more about this here. I have just run the script to remove any phantom entries on your course.
You can remove me as a contributor again any time now.

(Charlotte3572) #12

Got it. Thanks again :grinning: