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I’ve been using Memrise on the web and as a member of the Beta Programme. I’m confused during doing some of the writing questions, because uppercase “i” and lowercase “l” are the same in your font. Please add a difference by changing the font etc. Additionally, if you add a black character into the options, an external keyboard isn’t necessary anymore.

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I feel as though the beta version makes it worse.

Hi @mehmetumutmutlu, thanks for your post. Which course(s) are you learning?


American English for Turkish speakers.

This is true of Italian courses.

I’ve suggested a Serif type face would help.

I always favoured using Verdana.

Hi all, do you happen to have any screenshots of the issue? I have tested this on Beta and can see both a capital and lower-case I:


I think the problem is more to do with distinguishing l (L) and I (i) at the beginning of a sentence.

lo and Io (“the” and “I” as in me in Italian).

And having both as suggested characters makes it hard to select the right one.

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Yes, @DW7 is right. It isn’t about content, it’s about the font of Memrise. :slight_smile:

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Ah got it! I have opened an internal ticket and will discuss this with our web team :slightly_smiling_face: