About can't see dutch course

Hi everyone,

There is a problem on web version. But it’s work on my phone app.

I didn’t see my dutch 1 course on the web version after use to new memrise. How did it happen ?

Hi @cglrborani

The ‘official’ Memrise-produced language courses (for example, Dutch 1) are not intended to be available on the new “Decks” website. You will still be able to access them on the “Memrise” website, though.

Currently, during the transition period while they are setting up “Decks” and fixing the bugs, you will find your Memrise-produced language course and any ‘community-created’ courses you are learning on the old Memrise website (and on both versions of the app) but you will only find the ‘community-created’ courses on the “Decks” website.

Later this year, the Memrise website will be for their ‘official’ language courses only. Everything else will be on the Decks website. Both will then also have app versions.

Hope this helps.

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