Ability to edit mems?

Hi all,

I use to mems sections to write down example sentences, irregular conjugations etc.
I just made a mem and made a mistake and discovered that apparently there’s no option to edit it anymore.

Not through the app (which was never possible), but also not by visiting the browser version on my phone.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if this feature was removed, but given that the whole idea of this app is based on mems, it seems a bit weird to not even have the ability to edit them.

So I hope this will be made possible again, on the app and web both.

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Hi Christietje,

It may be a bug but the feature is still working ok for me. I just tried and was able to edit mine in my Profile area. The pencil icon appears when I hover over the usual corner when using my laptop and when I tap on the mem in the web browser on my phone. I’ll check later what happens during a review.

I hope you get it back soon.


Hi @Christietje, as long as you are logged into the account you created the Mem from, you should be able to do this still by going to My Profile > Mems > hover over the Mem and click the pencil symbol. If the issue persists, can you let us know what you see and what browser you are using? Thanks!