Ability to create test only words

I suggest adding the ability mark words, in a level, as test only. The idea comes from one of the students of the course I’m maintaining.

He was pointing out the contrast between Duolingo and Memrise when it comes to learning new phrases.

In Duolingo, the learner is given the meaning of some sentences but have to infer/deduce the meaning of many more which forces them to apply previously acquired knowledge. In Memrise on the other hand, all the sentences in the level are presented first before being tested.

This makes the learning process very tedious and un-challenging.

So I suggest an option such as below:

sentence    | translation | test only
mama        | I           | ✗
oya         | you         | ✗
mama yanawa | I go        | ✗
oya yanawa  | you go      | 🗸

In the example above, the learner is required to deduce the meaning of oya yanawa based on the previous three sentences.

This will introduce a problem solving element to their learning experience, which I think would make the lessons much more interesting.

Hope you like the idea