A1 Indonesian, full audio, + context and grammar

This is a brand new course based on a cross-section of resources. It has full loud audio and includes examples of usage, and grammar insights. It is in-progress and will continue to be updated. It’s appropriate for complete beginners although the higher levels will gradually become more challenging.

Constructive feedback is welcomed. Remember that you can ignore words you’ve already mastered and you can start from any level you wish.

The course is A1 Indonesian, full audio, + context and grammar.

Terima kasih banyak.


Great work ChiewPang!

@guestgulkan Thanks! It’s coming along… Now up to level 13. Uploading audio…

Do you manually upload?

@guestgulkan, of course! I run all my audio through Audacity first. I personally check each and every audio recording and try to improve it as much I possibly can. I think it’s noticeable that the volume of audio in my courses is more consistent than others (well, yours are generally excellent, too). :relaxed:

I’m slowly getting rid of all Google translate audio.

I use MP3Gain to equalise the volume.

Hey @ChiewPang - I’ve been trying your course and I think it’s really good. You’ve used all the advanced Memrise features. Will you continue with it?

@guestgulkan Terima kasih, mas, and oh, yes, definitely, I’ll continue! Only thing I’ve got so much on my plate it’s hard juggling them all!
With each course, I try to improve, learning from the previous and finding ways of circumventing Memrise’s weaknesses… :grin: :wink:

Hello, :sweat: what is the answer for the level 4 “(Anda) mau (pergi) ke warung itu?”, the only possible among the suggested collocation “ke warung itu” doesn’t match, P.S. that’s one of the best and well thought out course. :+1: hats off!

makasih @m0rtima! They’re all valid - you forgot the “mau”.
Only the full answer Anda mau pergi ke warung itu? will be auto-accepted; the others you’ll have to tap ENTER.
Anda mau ke warung itu?
mau pergi ke warung itu?
mau ke warung itu?

I hope to add another level soon but I can’t promise when. I’m too busy creating a new Italian course + trying to finish the elementary one…plus working and studying too!

Thanks - let me know if you need any more help with audio!

@guestgulkan, thanks for the offer! Usually I don’t have problems with single words (unless I’m not happy with the audio quality) but with the longer phrases, yes, I often have to resort to Google…


@m0rtima Oopsiedoopsie… :cry: I’ll have to take this up with them. It’s curious. I can understand the app ignoring (pergi) but not mau. That is a bug. Ignore the entry for now if you wish until I sort it out. Makasih banget!

@m0rtima incidentally, what device are you using for this? I’d passed through this entry and didn’t encounter any problems - are you on iOS by any chance? As we know, the 3 versions (web, Android, iOS) of Memrise aren’t consistent with each other and this entry might have thrown a bug there.

As you can see from the image, @m0rtima, Android behaves differently. The words that are within brackets are ignored in the answer options. If you’re on iOS as I suspect, perhaps you’d like to report it as a bug.

That’s iinteresting, @m0rtima. I have been unable to reproduce the same situation in spite of trying several times. If you like I can remove the brackets from (pergi). See my best attempt at reproducing - this was the closes I got.

I’m sure that’s because of these parentheses **(**Anda) mau (pergi ) ke warung itu? :thinking:

@m0rtima of course it is. The words within brackets are supposed to be optional. The app (at least my version) accepts them either way. The web (my version) ignores them but, as you can see in the image I posted, the “mau” appears while in your case, it doesn’t. That is a bug.
As a matter of interest, which OS are you on and which browsers are you using?


Version: 40.0.2308.62 - Opera is up to date
Update stream: Stable
System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64)
Browser identification
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.101 Safari/537.36 OPR/40.0.2308.62