A1/A2 Practice tests

Does anyone know where you can practice for the test in a similar way to the way the test is conducted?




There are few websites which have practice papers. Have you already found these? If not, I’ve got a note of a couple that I can send you links to, but it won’t be until tomorrow. Any good?

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That would be great thank you.

This one is probably the most authentic (and the translator works well on the main body):


If you do a web search on “practice A1 Spanish test papers”, you’ll find some others that contain ‘A1-level’ tests, but not necesarily following strict CEFR guidelines.

Hope this helps.


I’ll add to this that there’s loads of website offering CEFR tests online and even free of charge. They might not be completely following the guidelines and I doubt that they you would find a test that is just as the official ones (wouldn’t make much sense, eh? :slightly_smiling_face:).

But see for yourself, just google for i. e. CEFR spanish test online