A1/A2 French, German and Spanish courses converted to A1=1,2,3 / A2=4,5,6,7

These courses seem to have disappeared from the course search, although I can still study the German courses I am signed up to from my dashboard. Is this a bug or are they being discontinued? That would be such a shame as they are great courses.

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I have looked into it and it seems they split the courses and maybe added a few new words.
I passed A1 German and I am familiar with the first 3 of 7 German courses. It’s the same but in different arrangement!

Are those Memrise courses?


On this page: http://www.memrise.com/user/Memrise/courses/teaching/ . Each course where there is written “by Memrise” is made by Memrise. The rest is from cheeky users who added Memrise as contributor. Because you can add someone as contributor without their approval!!

I just hope they don’t delete the current A1 and A2 courses. I finished A1 and am halfway through A2…it would be awful to have to restart the courses from scratch. Even though I already know the information the review schedule would be completely reset.

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That’s good to know, thanks. Wish this had been communicated though!

It would be nice if Memrise gave us some kind of idea of how this equates to the A1/A2/etc. scheme, or if it’s completely unrelated.

The A1/A2 courses by Memrise seem to no longer be available through a search, although I still have them listed as courses I’m learning/reviewing.


The courses haven’t been split. There are many more cards in the new French courses then the previous French course. I was hoping for an A2 French course, but I guess I will just start from the beginning again.

I was checking only for German. There are more phrases, yes, but not enough to start over my learnings because of it.

Does anyone think it is worth gathering the URLs for these courses?

Some sort of reference post for those who would still like to start learning them!?

Personally, my preference is for larger courses since It will be easier to maintain a streak against them.

(I am assuming that new learners can start learning after opening the URL)

Yes, that´s a good idea. The best place to post them would be in the relevant area of the “Language Quarters” category. I have A1 Spanish and A2 Spanish on my dashboard, so will post those there.

For anyone who is interested, Ana from the Memrise team posted a brief explanation for replacing the A1 and A2 courses in the A1 Spanish course forum here: http://www.memrise.com/course/618832/a1-spanish/thread/1811567/



I have just done the same for German, using your topic as a template.

I have not done anything for French. I have A1 but no A2 for French:

I can’t find anything for Italian or Portuguese, but then I don’t know if they ever created anything. Is it just French, German and Spanish that this happened to?

There was no A2 French deck. From English, Memrise only had French, German, and Spanish decks.

French 1-3 equates to A1 French so if you start learning from French 4 onwards you will be on track. I hope that helps?


Courses 1 to 3 equate to the A1 course, courses 4 to 7 to the A2 course. I hope that helps?


Yes, it does. Thank you.

Hi Lien,

Thanks for the helpful explanation.

Is it the same for the new Spanish courses, namely Spanish 1 - 3 equate to A1 Spanish and Spanish 4 - 7 equate to A2 Spanish?

And for the German courses, too?


Yes :smile_cat:


Thanks very much Lien…and so quick, too! :grinning:


Hi again Lien,

For completeness, could “7” also be included in the revised thread title? Ta!