A word cannot be ignored

On the iOS I cannot ignore a word which is not interesting for me, so I have to cancil mobile training as soon as I get such a word, come home and ignore this word on the web version. Why don’t you add the ‘Ignore’ button to iOS version?

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Hi, iOS doesn’t support this feature.

As far as I know, there are no current plans to implement this.

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have you tried using browser to enter the web version and then ignoring there? then you don’t have to wait until you get home

Hi Joshua, but for me it is important function. I have a lot of words which I don’t want to learn or which I know already and I cannot ignore them! If they don’t have a plan to fix that then I am not satisfied with the service and have to cancel subscribing and ask Apple for returning money. “iOS doesn’t support this feature.” - that is not literally correct, the correct way to say is “a Memrise programmer didn’t add this function to iOS version”.
I hardly understand why I have to cancel the training, go to web version on the mobile device, strat training there, ignore a word (s), stop the training and return to iOS, as Atikker offers.

You’re correct, my explanation wasn’t that great.

When I was referring to iOS I was referring to the Memrise application not iOS in general. The ignore function was only implemented on Android and the Website. Our knowledge base does say it would be added in future updates but at this moment of time, there are no works on it.

Please follow Atikker suggestion, you can ignore all the words which you don’t want to learn in the course and then continue your learning.

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Thanks again, Joshua, is there any way to push this problem forward to an ‘R&D’ of Memrise? To give this a higher priority?


We’ll be sure to pass your feedback on to the product team for future consideration of the Memrise application.



I also support this feature request. I think an ignore option on iOS and ipadOS is sorely missed. One should not have to resort to the web interface for this. Thank you.