A Win-Win Proposal: you keep your revenue, we keep our mobile app, and you get agility

(Crazy Dave2345) #1
  1. Make Pro required to learn with the mobile app

  2. Create two sections of the app and two different sections of the Memrise servers. The first section works for user-created courses. The second works for official courses. The sections work independently.

Many of us pay for Pro and study community courses on the mobile app. We keep our mobile app, you keep your revenue, you gain the ability to move faster with your official courses.

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Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses
(Crazy Dave2345) #2

#1 is a response to

The decision to create Decks as a website only is down to resources (though the site will work smoothly on your mobile web-browser). As much as we are growing, we are nonetheless very resource-constrained, and we decided not to plan for a Decks app or offline mode. As some of you have commented, we did come to this decision after a careful analysis of how and where community-created content is being learned, which is overwhelmingly online.

We can continue to fund your Memrise official courses and to fund the maintenance of user-created courses within the official app.

#2 is a response to

The purpose of this split, again, is to allow us to move fast on developing the main Memrise product for the vast core of our learners, whilst honouring those people who do still learn community-made courses.

As a programmer, splitting the technical infrastructure like this would be fairly easy, something likely doable in an hour. For the mobile app, one would simply need to duplicate the course learning code, and change the server the online requests point to, and add an if statement to use the new code.

For the server, you’d need to copy the databases, which you’ve presumably already done with the creation of Decks.

Indeed we will continue to pay for the maintenance of existing technical infrastructure through our Pro subscriptions.

(khx333) #3

Reasonable idea. Let’s see if they reconsider this. I’m willing to pay for Pro – always been – for custom courses. Actually I only subscribed to Pro to help Memrise by funding as I don’t use their courses (limited set of languages, beginner only material).


Your proposal is perfectly logical if Memrise was creating “Decks” only for technical reasons, i.e. so they can push forward with development of the app and the “official” courses.

I believe it is apparent it is also being done for business reasons, they see the community courses as no longer part of the Memrise “brand” and as competition.


Note this quote from a recent job posting from Memrise (you can find by searching Communication Design Manager Memrise):
We have just completed an in-depth rebrand project and now have clear direction on how we can best manifest our character through our products and communications. Now is time to bring that identity to life!” - hence “Decks” where community courses are sent to die.

Please could you repeat your analysis for a second option. Which is forking the app. Naming one fork “Decks” and maintaining and carrying out bug fixes only on this fork.

(Crazy Dave2345) #5

In that case, I would hate for Memrise to have to…

  1. Rebrand community courses as Decks but let the mobile app continue to support user-created courses with Pro.

In that case we the community would promote Decks but not Memrise. And the optics wouldn’t be as good.

(Cloudlake) #6

Yes, Please let us continue with the/an app!!! I’d be happy to continue paying for pro if

  1. I can keep using the app or
  2. the web app is better - with the following improvements
  • sound choice tests and images start working correctly on the website from my ipad and computer. sound test issues: I can’t use sound files with a written sentence (I have setences in Japanese and English with Japanese sound files and I practice shadowing them - but on my ipad the website doesn’t let me listen to the files - it just assumes I’m clicking a choice. ARGH)
    image issues: on the web app the images are shoved to the top and only part of the shows. This doesn’t help me since I’m trying not to translate for vocabulary.
  • and we can get rid of the timer. It’s very distracting to see the timer ticking down and I can’t practice shadowing a full sentence. I loathe the timer.

(Mila) #7

Hi @cloudlake :slight_smile:
As for his last question, about the timer, Kevin5284 (Memrise Team) answered a similar question: