A very helpful and efficient tools for words learning

I have been working on a GRE words learning course in Memrise for about two weeks, and I am really thankful to this website for its marvelous intelligent program design that assists my memorizing new words. And it’ definitely worth of subscription even though the beta version is helpful enough for ESL words learning.

I know it’s not adequate to master those words memorized in dashboard session by merely reinforcing their impression about simple definition and original spelling through the specific methods and programs employed by Memrise.

But the impressions of the words acquired in dashboard exercise would be conjured up naturally itself when undertaking a writing task, and that’s when the words get “activated” and become an active language knowlege ready to be applied to usage anytime, which is very supportive for my further language learning.

Hope you all successfully improve your English with the help of Memrise, too. :grinning: