A Turkish learner here

(Bookworm17) #1

Any other Turkish learners out there? I’ve been learning a couple of years now. Wouldn’t mind finding other people to follow or follow me.

(Sarinda) #2

Hi @Bookworm17,
I have also been learning Turkish for a couple of years - but on and off… :wink: However, my mother tongue is German, so unfortunately the courses I posted on Memrise won’t help you too much since they are German - Turkish. Anyway, all the best for your (our) efforts with the Turkish language! :slight_smile:


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(Zie Liz) #3

Fellow Turkish learner here! I actually started fairly recently, just got my 50 day streak on Duolingo so that’s how long I’ve been at it. I followed you on the main Memrise page!

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(Bookworm17) #4

Nice to meet you fellow Turkish learners, I have been having lessons with a teacher on iTalki web site as well, have many Turkish friends here I practise little things with.

(Zie Liz) #5

@Bookworm17 I see that you have taken quite a few Turkish courses here. I should be finished with Memrise’s official course shortly and need to move on to something new. Would you recommend any of the other courses?

(Bookworm17) #6

I really like the Hacking Turkish courses best, they give you examples of sentences using particular grammar points like “must” , “if” and using past and future tenses.

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(Bookworm17) #7

Also although I have many in my list, some I’ve barely started😐

(Zie Liz) #8

Thank you, that sounds like what I’m going for. :smile:

(Kaspian) #9

@Sarinda - Thanks for mentioning your Türkisch-Deutsch courses! My progress learning German is ahead of my Turkish, so your courses could be really good practice for me—not only for learning Turkish, but also switching between the two languages.

For anyone else who’s interested, here are the links to Sarinda’s courses:
Türkisch II
Türkisch III
Türkisch IV

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(Sarinda) #11

I hope you’ll enjoy the courses, @Kaspian! German and Turkish sounds like quite a challenge… good luck! :slight_smile:

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(M.Beser Ates) #12

if you want to learn Turkish language l can help you. my memrise ID is zamane34 MEMOCRAT

(Lebica Etbidar) #13

I am a Turk and if you want anything to ask I will be ready. :slight_smile: