A new web dashboard is now available in Alpha!

I’m sorry but for me it’s a big vote down. It doesn’t look as elegant, important information is missing or tucked away into little icons we have to hover over. It’s like everything is gone and needlessly moved around.

Nowadays it seems very popular with online platforms to make UI changes for the sake of change. And it’s almost always a step down. I don’t know why this is a trend.

I’d go with the, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”. I would stick to updates and changes people are asking for instead of things like this. I hope that helps. Sorry about the negative comments. I’d roll back the old UI immediately.


Thanks for your hard work. The new dashboard does indeed look neat, but where is a filter for the courses that I teach? Is it gone? How can I quickly see my own courses? The second thing I note is that the categories are not sorted alphabetically, for some reason—or, more exactly, they are only partially sorted alphabetically.

I sometimes have dozens of courses in each category (well, just because I like them), and my preference has always been to show all of them without the need to scroll. So I have used a script for this purpose. Now I fear I will have great difficulties with going through the list of courses.

Do I like the look? Yes. Do I like the UX? No.
Urgently reverting to the standard interface, keeping fingers crossed hoping the team will come up with something better structured.

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I really love the slick look of the new dashboard! It is a bit more compact and has a more modern esthetic. It also seems to load a bit faster than the previous dashboard. I also like the associated graphics, for example when clicking on the “streak” button to have the card appear and show the number of days, or the card that shows the progress toward the daily goal. The few things that I like less have to do with my personal workflow and have been mentioned by others:

  1. I prefer that all courses load at once, instead of having to “load more.” I have 11 courses and so have to load all the sections to get to the bottom.
  2. I would rather see a clear number of how many words I have to review on each course without having to click for more details. This also helps me as an instructor because when students send me a screen shot, I know exactly how many they have to work on, difficult words, etc.

Finally, since Memrise is so good for building vocabulary, I would like to see more teacher tools for the future. For example, I would like to see the ability for a teacher to see the stats of their students (how many words they have learned in a particular course, how many are difficult words, how many they have to refresh, days they have worked on the vocabular per week, the ability to toggle off the speed review, etc.

Thank you for the hard work on the site. I really think this interface is a step forward and has very palatable changes for the most part. Keep up the great work.

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We’ve updated the dashboard to show the number of words to review, and number of dificult words without having to hover.


More changes coming…


Please eliminate the ‘load more courses’ button.

I didn’t like the new version of the dashboard at first, but now I do. It’s as you said- cleaner. It IS a bit annoying how you only have 4 courses at the start, since i’m doing a lot more than four courses, but it’s really no biggie. :blush: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you for removing the load more courses button. It’s already faster, though it still loads a little slow.
I’d still like the time remaining function to return. It motivated me to keep up a streak

man, if someone also decided to port all mobile functions to web and bring back mems it’d be ideal.

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Yes, as @skublover has noticed, courses now automatically load as you scroll - please try it out and let us know how it is working for you.

Which mobile functions in particular would you like on web?


Oh yes, I noticed the difference today. It’s a lot better, thank you. :laughing:

Wow! Awesome work - and so quickly! Thank you for being responsive to the feedback. I love these tweaks to the already-refreshed, streamlined look of the dashboard. I’ve also noticed the (much) faster loading of the courses - 11 courses with just the slightest of pauses! Kudos to the design/programming team. Now… if I could just squeeze in a suggestion for more teacher tools to manage their classes… :grinning:
Keep up the great work!


I’d like grammar lessons in the official courses to be available on web. I don’t get why they’re mobile only. It seems very important to learning a language.

And thank you for the responsiveness to the feedback. The new dashboard is a lot more tolerable now.

oh yeah it’s way faster now. Thank you.


If they ever do Grammar lessons for Desktop, I do not want them to begin locking grammar and learning words under Premium. I’m a simple man, as long as I can learn a little without paying, I’m happy :joy:.


Thank you for asking for our feedback.


I really miss this information on my Home page (aka Dashboard).

Even the new side panel does NOT show it.

One has to go to the full stats to check, and it’s not easy tell me if it’s registered my latest daily attendance goal (as there is always a blank for tomorrow).
There has been an odd occasion when one’s learning has not registered.

Could you add the above to a side panel please? Perhaps in another one on the left (using all that white space).


I think it has already been said, but I can’t try Alpha without automatically accepting Beta testing.


Personally I prefer the old screens and actually, I thought the Landscape theme and planting etc was the best theme you ever had.


I would dearly love you to go back to squares (as on each web course page) or circles (like on the App dashboard - much better now, thanks) instead of a misshaped or pushed over circle.

Our image was set up for a circle and the course images were set up for squares and often look odd now (as reported before).


Perhaps by the green “put clocks back an hour” :arrow_right_hook: or “Back up your computer now” or “See history” or “Reload current page” symbol, you could add the words “Other Categories” to make it clear, please.

Incidentally I could not scroll that list and had to Zoom out to 50% to see the whole list by which time the writing was very small.

Cc @ale_c


I really dislike this format. As far as I can tell, it is impossible to verify which days the streak applies to in any way. OK…13 days. Does that means today (Sunday, for example) is completed or still TBD? No way to verify easily.

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I suppose it’s okay, but on my ultrawide monitor (3440x1440) there is an insane amount of whitespace:

I’m used to a lot of empty areas on websites on the left and right sides, being that my monitor is so wide. However, the problem is that the menus on either side end up too far out. And the “Recently learned”-header box doesn’t make any sense where it sits at, far away from the actual list.

I think setting a maximum width for the website would be good, so the menus don’t spread out that much.

Putting a “Scroll down to load more” message would probably also be useful, as to avoid confusion about where the rest of the courses are:

And for bigger screens, such as mine, it would be nice if it loaded 5 courses from the get-go instead of 4, as there’s enough space for it.


I think you should put a dark mode for the background, my eyesight is decreasing since using Memrise, and I am having trouble doing long sessions because of it.
Good continuation.

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I just feel it lacks information now. Since as said before, the Streak Clock/Stats Area have vanished. So the page seems a little sparse and bland. It just seems a little oversimplified.

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The overall look and feel is fine BUT …all I want from the interface is to know if I have any outstanding items to complete as I use this app as well as a number of others for learning and just want to quickly check what courses need attention. It’s not clear if my streaks need to be updated when I click on the purple rocket - is the middle circle of the 5 shown the current day? Really don’t find this very clear at all. I would find a better indication of being on target for streaks more useful.

I absolutely second Vikestarts comment on the white space. It isn’t really an issue, but it is a bit too much.

Ok - I did a check by swapping between the standard and alpha version - on the standard version any courses that need to be done today (to keep my streak) are in black and the ones that don’t need to be done are in yellow. The new alpha version doesn;t show this at all.

It basically isn’t showing enough information - please include an indicator for those of us that dip in every day just to keep the streak going

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