A new verb is used before it was introduced

In Russian 3 for English speakers:

водить is the verb that had been introduced for “to drive”

The example uses a different verb for “to drive”:
не могли бы вы отвезти меня в эту гостиницу, пожалуйста? can you drive me to this hotel please

I couldn’t figure out why this statement was so difficult for me until I heard the word “отбезти” on the Pimsleur Russian audio lesson that I am using to help increase my listening and pronunciation skills. On the audio the verb is translated as “to take” you.

Does “отвезти” always mean “to drive”

Hi @macmiller194083

Both verbs водить and возить mean to drive, while возить is mainly used when you drive someone in the car. Most relevant English translation would be indeed to take someone somewhere, but in Russian there are different verbs for taking someone on foot вести and by transport везти, so it was translated as to drive to avoid the ambiguity. Hope it helpd. Best of luck. Pavel.

Thank you. This definitely cleared my confusion.