A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language

There are some errors in A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language course, created by yusufmasud. How do I contact the course creator to report them?

Do they Have a Forum Account??? If Not, then I dont think you can

Thanks for answering my query. I don’t think they have a forum account so I’ll just have to overlook the errors and not commit them to memory :slight_smile:

@jennibowden could you possibly list the errors you’ve come across so far? And preferably mention the levels too.

@Lien If you guys can’t contact the creator, could you add me as a contributor?

Hi @jennibowden,

As the course creator is no longer active on Memrise, I’ve made you a contributor to the course.
You should now be able to edit any incorrect entries. Here’s how to do so.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,


Hi Lien

That’s great - thanks a lot. I’ll do any corrections as I go along, using the original textbook.