A lot of translation mistakes on official courses

Even if i used Ru-Kr courses many years ago to typing practice, it alredy had a lot of mistakes. When you do a translation please DO NOT use Google translation.
As everybody know how does it (google) make a translation … if you do not know… for example from courses “얼마나 오래” is “long time? long” can guess it had to be “how long time” but… ok Google.
In every lesson it have at least one mistake. And it’s 7 lvls…

Really disappointed of not professionalism. why people should pay for mistakes?

I’m sorry you have found possible mistakes, but thank you for highlighting them.

If you are able to say which course it is (perhaps by giving a link) and which level it is on, the creator can investigate.


Google is not the best translator, but now it is still available for free