(A LOT OF) Repetition of content throughout the German 1-7 series!

(Interactomica) #1

I’ve been working on the course German 1 (by Memrise) for around one month (20 hours in total). I explored the content of the next course, German 2, today, and I saw A LOT of words that I already studied in German 1. Why is that? I also noticed that some of the content of German 2 should have been introduced in German 1 to support some of the expressions taught in that course. To be frank, this makes me think that the German 1-7 series is not well designed at all. Not to mention the weird sequence of levels: 1, 3 ,5 , 6, 8, … as well as the uneven distribution of content, some leves having 8 words, others 34!!

As a pro member, I’m quite disappointed to be honest.