A lot of bugs in one course

Hi all!

I have a lot of questions and no answers)

Author added me as editor to course https://decks.memrise.com/course/1738829/bshbyl-hbryt-bishvil-khaivrit/:

  1. I cant add new column to database (no action on button “Add”)
  2. I cant change keyboard in properties of existing colum (again - no action on button “Save”)
  3. in database, first column “hebrew”, only hebrew letters, but in keyboard symbols in app - hebrew and russian symbols
  4. in database, first column “hebrew”, only hebrew words, but in possible answers in app - hebrew and russian words


I already cleared the cache in browser, use different browsers - no result…

Please help

Hi @iNFiNiSiNTh :slight_smile:

A contributor has fewer powers than a creator. The links below can help you:

Thanks, Milamy. I logged as a creator and points 1-2 works. But still I cant solve problems at points 3-4

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Hi again. Problems solved ) Found the post

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