A glitch with courses for american english speakers

I’m American, but the default is set to English (UK). I try to change it. But when I join a course exclusively for the USA dialect, it won’t let me continue.

Mine always defaults to me being in the UK and shows UK courses, no matter how many times I tell it otherwise.

This is the courses page:

…despite this being my setting:

Hi @AWeakHeel, which course is this, could you provide a link please?

It’s more than one course, mainly plant-based ones. Though it happened a lot with this one: Flowers of the United States - Memrise

I’ve just tested this from Google Chrome and Learn New Words seems to be working okay.
Is it Speed Review you’re trying to launch? Unfortunately, Speed Review won’t launch for image-based courses such as this flowers course.

No I don’t do speed reviews much really. I was talking more about how it won’t let me finish the preview & join the course.