A few mysteries from a new user


I have been using Dulolingo for the past few months & this site was mentioned. I am getting upset though because there are things I just don’t get.

1: new vocabulary words. There are letters after the words (M) (F) I get those but WHAT is (W)??? And why isn’t there any explanation?

  1. The verb form is weird too שב for sit for instance.



Have you tried to tag the course creator?
Which course are you learning? Could you give an example for
the strange W?

I can’t answer the W question, but as regards the strange verb form for “sit”:
First-yodh verbs like ישׁב sometimes lose their initial yodh in certain forms. First-weak and middle-weak verbs also tend to pattern together such that often there are parallel words, one of each kind, or a confusion of homonyms derived from one root or the other and producing similar forms (in this case the other root would be שׁוב, to return).

Sorry I’m a bit late. Can you please tell me where you saw (W)? I have no idea what that is.
Regarding the verb form, שב is the imperative (m,s) of the infinitive לשבת (to sit).