A couple of errors in Danish 6

I found a couple of things wrong with the Danish 6 course.

  1. In one of the locals films for the phrase
    “Jeg tror mit hold måske vinder i morgen” the Danish speaker says “Jeg tror måske mit hold vinder i morgen”. But when I enter it as she has said it I get an error.

  1. The second one I can’t find now, but it’s a case we’re a phrase starts with "du burde ikke at sige… " i think and the translation is "she should not say anything…

Thanks for the great courses!

There is a thread dedicated to the EN-DK course which you can find here:

I don’t have sufficient permissions to move your post, so I’d suggest you re-post your query in that thread.

I can’t seem to choose that category. It only shows decks community courses

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Hi @Tomer_Sagi94 and @Olaf.Rabbachin :slight_smile:

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