A bug

I am doing a Portuguese European course, has been great for ages, now all of a sudden I am getting this message when I try and do the course We’re sorry, there was an error. The Memrise team have been notified and are getting on it.The trouble is it’s been saying that for the oast 2 weeks.

What course ? and what platform @SarahPacker80 (web or app)?

European Portuguese, language course on the web

Hi @SarahPacker80,

It might be that the creator of that course has deleted it. Does it still appear in the course list?

Yes it still appears in the courses listed. It’s annoying as I live in Portugal and I have been doing great with this course. Oh well I am sure it will be fixed eventually

What’s it’s full title? I can then see if it opens for me.

Does clearing your cache make any difference?

It remains a question “Sarah” there are many courses for European Portuguese. Please copy here the address or give us the full name.

Portuguese (Portugal) 1 is the name of the course I am doing.

Hi @SarahPacker80 and @sircemloud,

It’s opening ok for me on the website using Google Chrome. @Joshua - any suggestions, please?

Could you provide a screenshot of your entire screen with the browser console opened?

In the top right hand corner of your browser, there are 3 black dots. Tap on those dots, you should get a drop down box where you will find the “more tools” option. Hover over ‘More tools’. You should then see another drop down menu where you can select ‘JavaScript Console’ or ‘Developer tools’ and select the ‘Console’ tab.

Here’s an example of the screenshot which I’d like you to provide us.


Those error’s don’t look so good, seem like you have plenty of browser extensions. :cold_sweat:

What is your Google Chrome version? (Tip: Insert chrome://help/ in your browser address bar)

Version 54.0.2840.99 m