A brand new Chinese HSK 6 course + learning support!

(Raibor) #1


I am in the process of creating HSK 6 course with the vocabulary groups based on various topics. The course will be based on the “Standard Course HSK6” coursebook. Users, who successfully complete a level, will be provided with a short text which includes all the level’s vocabulary! In addition to this, a few grammar and/or fill-in exercises will be provided as well after completion of each level!

In my course, not only you will learn HSK 6 vocabulary which is divided into topics to make the learning more focused and easy, but also you will be able to ask me questions (e.g. grammar questions, vocabulary use etc.). I am working as a Chinese teacher, so it is a great opportunity to get your questions answered by the professional in this field.

Even though the course is still under development, feel free to join it! I am also looking for contributors, who are willing to help with the development of this course.

Join the course now! https://www.memrise.com/course/2110477/standard-course-hsk-6-complete/

(Sp4mblob) #2

Hi Raibor

I briefly gave your HSK 6 course a try but I will probably stop again.
There are two reasons:

  1. I recently finished another 5000-word HSK 6 course (https://www.memrise.com/course/20246/hsk-6/) and what was really painful is the English part of that course. Same as with yours, I have to s.p.e.l.l. every English word although I want to learn Chinese rather than English. Just too painful to keep up over a long course

  2. When the required input is selecting English words (e.g. a translation of a hanzi), the word order is also an error critera. E.g. beng (to jump, to bounce) from the other course… when I select to jump, to bounce - it’s wrong because the "correct answer is “to bounce, to jump”

These two quirks / settings caused me so much pain in the other course (which took 980 days to finish btw) that I don’t want to go through the same ordeal again.