A big thank you for moving the "save and continue" button!

(Amanda Norrsken) #1

A big thank you to the memrise team for responding to the request to make the “save and continue” button easier to hit.

After the latest make-over, a wavy band of colour covered over most of this button, making it pretty tricky to locate the precise spot where you would actually enter the command.

I have just done some editing today and the wavy band of colour is now located about a centimetre below the “save and continue” button, so it is now much easier to finish an editing job.

Thanks for listening to us, the memrise users, and taking action reasonably promptly.

(DW7) #2

I think you are referring to the MemRise web (which we won’t have access to after the Summer) but it’s great on the Decks platform too.