5000+ Most Common Words Parts 1 & 2

I am new to Norwegian and I want to massively expand my vocabulary. Do you guys think these two courses are good/accurate? Usually popular courses that are as long as these ones have threads wherein corrections are requested, but there doesn’t seem to be a thread for either of these courses.

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Please see also this course. Due to the same sources, this course is pretty similar to the both courses mentioned above. I reworked definitions, corrected errors, completed audio files etc. Visit the course forum if you have any questions:

During the creation of my course (see above) I’ve checked the first 5200 word or so. The course has its flaws and shortcomings but it ain’t terrible - by no means:

  • The order is based on the KELLY list. That’s a good science-based frequency list.
  • Audio isn’t complete but OK for the most part. (most is from Forvo.com I surmise)
  • English definitions are fine for the most part where available
  • PoS are accurate for the most part
  • Answer hints (based on similar words in the very same course) are helpful but not 100% complete or consistent (often A~B is mentioned in entry A; but B~A is omitted in entry B) The way answer hints are presented ain’t very helpful for mobile and/or repetition
  • Gender is OK if you don’t care too much about the difference between genuine feminine and “pseudo-masculine” words --> some masculine words are in fact feminine originally (to be fair, that’s just a reflection of the de-facto gender usage in Norwegian)