5000 German words too permissive with plurals

Hi. Thanks for the deck of 5000 words. It seems well-curated.

When I need to tap the answer (from chips), it allows for the wrong plural ending. For example, Regenmantel accepted the answer without ".

I don’t know what options are available, but I’d like to offer this: It’s OK to accept a Continue without any plural endings (for people who only want to learn the singular). But if I type the , after the word and attempt the plural answer, it should not accept a wrong guess. Thank you.

Not sure excactly what course you are talking about, but here’s a course forum thread that might be it:

I’d suggest you re-post your query there or, if this is about a different course, post a link to it here.
FYI: you can search the forum for “[course forum] name” where name is the name of your course.