500 Error - Item or Definition Missing - Japanese - Asking for Permission

I’m consistently getting a 500 Error with the message “Item or Definition Missing” while trying to complete the Japanese - Asking for Permission lesson. I’m at about 50% complete with the lesson, but now it’s throwing this error after the first one to two pages it displays and then I have to just go back to the dashboard.

I’ve been able to continue my learning by just skipping ahead to other lessons on the recommended track, but it would be nice to get this resolved. Thanks.

This is occurring on the web version (Windows 11 x64 - Chrome v110.0.5481.30)


Same problem here. I’m getting this error on Japanese 0 course in its review section.

I have encountered this error as well, on several various lessons in Japanese. It does not seem random as it occurs consistently on the same various items when I try to reload/retake those lessons.

This is occurring for me on the web version using the latest Firefox browser (108.0.2)

Hi all, sorry about that, hopefully that should all be fixed now


Thank you. Yes, the issue seems to be resolved now.