4 same answers


I’ve created a few courses recently but I’m having a problem with all the four answers being the same for some of the questions.

I’ve had a friend and my brother both try 2 of the courses I’ve made and they have had the same problem.

I was just wondering how do I fix this???

Here is one of the courses, if someone can check to see if there is anything obvious wrong with it that I’m just missing:


Just wanted to say that i’m having the same issue.

There is a script that can help eliminate those so-called “phantom entries”. However, I haven’t used it in a long time and I’m not sure whether it will still work with all the changes Memrise has incorporated over the last months.
Check out this thread:

You could also search the forum for [ → phantom entries (ordered by latest post)](Search results for 'phantom' - Memrise entries%20order%3Alatest).

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I tried the script but it either doesn’t work or this wasn’t the issue. And I don’t think phantom entries are the problem. always getting 4 times the same answer for specific words sounds like a different problem.

If you look at the “Database” tab, do you have the same entry listed multiple times?

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@neocube no it’s only listed once

@neoncube Nice to see you again! :grinning:

@Olaf.Rabbachin Thanks! :slight_smile: Has definitely been a while, haha. I get an email whenever someone links to the “Eliminate Phantom Entries” script, and I was curious :smiley:

How are things around here nowadays?

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Memrise has again been stripped down further (see → here), but apart from that, everything is as usual. :slight_smile: