4 bugs, almost makes app useless

(Winstonuloseson) #1

Bug 1: “learnable source error 101”- no lessons available upon opening app.
Bug 2: Upon encountering bug 1, if attempt to access lessons via button page, all buttons are grayed out; can’t select “review”, “learn new words”, nothing.
Bug 3: Can clumsily circumvent bugs 1&2 by clicking around back-and-forth after exiting the red error code box, but then the app only reviews the same set of words repeatedly. Same set of ten words, over and over.
Bug 4: On the course level selection page, the word count of words to review no longer appears. If you access a review by circumventing bugs 1&2, the count shows up for that one level for as long as app is open, but is gone once quit and re-opened.
BONUS bug (5): The last letter of each typed response is cut off, which at least in the Russian course changes not only the pronunciation of the word, but also can completely change the definition of the word.

All of these bugs appeared two updates ago and have not been addressed with subsequent updates. Although it was nice to get the “learn with locals” back and available for all levels, these new bugs almost make the app unusable for advancing in vocabulary. I pay for the Pro version, reported these bugs with a screenshot included, but have heard nothing back. Funny aside: although supposedly one is able to attach multiple screen shots if the various errors encountered, I was only allowed one screenshot. The bug-report system has bugs, haha.
Help, Memrise???
WOW- just tried to add 4 screenshots of bugs for each of my points: was prompted I’m only allowed ONE. Here is one, then:

(Winstonuloseson) #2

Addition to above post: Yes, I have un-installed & re-installed the app. The latest Memrise update I installed was ver 2.3.61. Still a mess. Any hope of a fix for any of these issues?

(Thomas Heiss) #3


I am not staff and I am not a mobile IOS or Android developer so I have no solution or workaround handy for you.

If I personally would want to review my words on the mobile apps (I am using the website with Tampermonkey userscripts) I would probably export my courses to AnkiSRS and either pay for AnkiMobile (commercial IOS app; 1:1 support by the main AnkiSRS developer in the support forum) or go with the AnkiDroid (Android free version) app to review the words.

I only had used an older Memrise Android app version to learn NEW words and make use of the half-planting concept (3 steps instead of 6 six steps and putting fully planted words into the - not empty - backlog queue).

I had used Memrise app v2.9_3947 APK file.
It was pretty stable to learn NEW Portuguese words!

Q: Are you you using both, learning + review and do these bugs popup mostly for the one thing or both?

You can test it on an Android emulator like KOPlayer, BlueStacks, NOX, Memu, etc. on your computer how the older Memrise Android app version behaves.

Maybe it is time to go back to a much older app version instead of fiddeling around with all the buggy newer app versions?!?

I heard somewhere in other threads that the IOS mobile app is very buggy?!??
Why do you guys use it then??

Yes, I have read that you want to use the app on an IOS device; I have no solution for this, sorry.
Just want to suggest something so you won’t get stopped in your learning and reviewing process.

Q2: Why do you use the mobile apps for REVIEWING?
Can you use full typing (switch from multiple choice to the input text field and onscreen (IOS?) keyboard) on the Memrise IOS app?

My Memrise Android app did not support this, but showed the multiple letter hints.

And I got on Android also those multiple-choice questions which I really want to turn OFF (there is no setting for user costumization!).

Of course it is IMHO pretty useless to try to REVIEW words and correctly mark an answer as error/resetting the SR interval or incrementing the SR next interval (false positive; it gets increments because of multiple-choice or letter hints but you really do not know it when you would use the www.memrise.com an “all typing” RECALL approach) when you are quite limited with the mobile apps.

I definitely could not use the web portal without injecting several userscripts with the Tampermonkey addon in Firefox.

I hope that IOS developers can provide you with a solution soon.