"3 Ignored Words" even after unignoring everything?

  • Description of the issue: I currently learn Japanese and i’m on the “Japanese 0” Course. i ignored a few words while learning but now have un-ignored all words in this course. but the status page of this course still shows me “3 ignored words”, even if i have unignored every word in all levels on this course. i checked even on my smartphone app if there are maybe some ignored i can’t see on the web - but i have unignored everything.

What exactly can i do now to unignore this words?

Hi @Kusuri and welcome to the forum,

This sounds familiar. Levels 2 and 4 in that course are grammar lessons which can only be learned on the app, and total 3 words. You could try learning those 2 levels on the app and then go back to the web version to check if that solves the issue.

i already did learn those levels on my smartphone though. thats why i’m confused. it even now shows me that i have 100% completed the course after i learned the last level now. but it still tells me i have 3 ignored words. i clicked through all levels on my smartphone and on the web version to check for ignored words, but there are none listed as ignored.

There has always been an issue where ‘official’ Memrise language courses include “grammar” levels (which can only be learned on the app). Similar to your Japanese course, the homepage for each of the ‘official’ Spanish courses I am learning displays the grammar items as “ignored” on the web version, even though I have learned them on the app. The Memrise guys have explained previously that this is the only way that the web version of each course can be ‘completed’.

This other forum topic discusses it:

Maybe @MemriseSupport can confirm that it’s the same issue.

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oh, thanks for that information! seems that it really is the same issue i have from what i read. looks like in the web version, it shows me the grammar courses i can only do in the app as “ignored”, even if they aren’t ignored.

…still sounds weird to me from a web developer perspective to have such a thing implemented instead of just fixing it in the sourcecode directly so courses can be completed. this is just confusing for users and since it is nowhere explained, it is really… not ideal.

anyway - thanks for the quick and helpful answer! <3


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