2136 Jōyō Kanji by Grade

Are there other people here studying
# 2136 Jōyō Kanji by Grade ?

Guess what: I found an old version of the app, installed in on my tablet, and bingo! I see the meme’s again! Not the picture, though, only the text of the meme’s. But they’re still there! They’re only hidden from us!

By the way: I don’t like the app: bad screen handling, text of the meme’s to small.
Also: my tablet is good enough to use the desktop version of memrise instead of the mobile version, but I can’t log in using the desktop version. What’s wrong there? Google forcing us to use Google Play? Which I don’t want, because Google does not have any rights to know what’s on my tablet.

I stand corrected: the app I installed, even has the pictures!