2000 most common Italian Words

A much needed improvement would be to mark nouns with an article (il, la etc) to denote gender.
Also it is unnecessarily confusing to not distinguish between fish (verb) and fish (noun); also orange (noun) and orange, colour, adjective). this leads to unnecessary markdowns, and putting these “easy” words into the “difficult” words category. It’s annoying enough when a typo lands an easy word in the difficult words category, but that is at least my own fault.
It would be better if the learner could edit which words are to be kept in or excluded from the difficult words category.

In response to Hugh D’s post:
Hugh, I have to agree with you. For those of us who study a number of different Italian courses, although this also occurs within a single course, it’s frustrating to encounter words like orange, fish, comb, and so forth. It’s a question of whether to type, for example, “pesce” or “pescare.” Also, in a similar vein, there are programs that want only the noun without any definite article. It would be helpful if those who create programs (and thanks much for doing so!), would indicate with (the) in parenthesis to cue the student that the answer is asking for an article. One example that comes to mind is “post office.” I’m continually typing “l’ufficio postale” and getting it wrong because the program wants only “ufficio postale” without the article. Thanks for listening.

I’m having same problems. Not knowing what word is wanted breaks flow when trying to go through them fast. “you” can be “tu”/“voi”. “drive” can be “unita”/“guidare” and sometimes the translation isn’t the most correct one and you need to google is that really what it means.

Maybe you wanna learn the first 2000 words of this course:

It still has flaws (but keeps getting better), but it differentiates better between verbs and nouns (as it inlcudes il/la/the and to) aswell as useful hints where definitions are similar.

cf. forum:

Having this issue now encountering both forms of orange and getting them wrong because I have to guess which one is being referred to - it would be great if we could revise those or pull out cards (i.e. always exclude the color orange and memorize it separately) or accept both answers.

Hi Ted, you can always ignore single cards. There’s an option ignore in both the web and app version. Alternatively you may try my course. I added answer hints, so that one doesn’t confuse such similar entries.

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