20 ESSENTIAL Verbs Past Present Future Portuguese by Putnik

Hi. The descriptions for verbs partir and sair are the same so it’s a case of guessing when they pop up. Any chance of fixing this?

Hi! I’m a bit confused. What course are you talking about and who is the creator of that course?

Sorry, had a brain wobble when I wrote the post. Updated the title.

@putnik is not using this forum yet. Maybe he/she is not using memrise at all. You could ask @MemriseMatty to check this user

Next time you do this kind of post.

  1. It is wise to tag course creator (put @ before the username, like @ajc2507), and if it then turns to gray the user will get notified. If not they are not users here in the forum.
  2. If you also add a clickable link to your first post course contributors may come up
    3)For creator or contributors to quickly find the error it is good to add a level number as well
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