12/April/2021 Release Notes

Please see the following bug fixes and product updates for the latest release of the Android and iOS apps.

Android (2021.4.5.0)

Bug fixes:

  • Un-clickable blank pop-ups at the end of a learning session

iOS (3.2.33)

No significant user-facing bugs or changes to report.

Please note: new app versions are rolled out to our whole userbase gradually, so it might take a few days for this update to be in your hands. Please ensure you activate automatic updates on Google Play Store/App Store to always be on the latest version. You can check your app version in your settings.

Memrise team


@MemriseSupport On iOS the new course overview does not consider ignored words, neither in the progress bar or in the actual numers. This results in completed courses were you have ignored any words are listed as incomplete (they are listed as complete on the website). For ongoing courses an incorrect progress is reported.

Confirmed both on iPhone and iPad on 3.2.33.


Could you publish all changes you are making in Android app?
I can not help but notice that you are omitting some of the changes.

Thank you for this feedback @Marcus.W, I’ve passed this back to the iOS team and have created a bug ticket (internal code QA-842).

@Hombre_sin_nombre we aim to list changes which affect all users. Do you have examples of changes you think we have missed recently? It could be that some changes you are seeing aren’t actually intentional (such as the latest change with review you mentioned here), so do continue to raise anything you think could be a bug we’ve missed :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep, you didn’t mention this fix. :slight_smile:

By the way: would it be possible to scroll to the last accessed level in finished courses? I tend to speed-review my way through courses again, but for this I always need to remember which level to go to for each course, so this would help a lot …

Yes, it would be nice. Sometimes app remembers last opened level, sometimes it starts at random level.

Hi both, I’ve now added submitted this to the team as a Feature Request :slightly_smiling_face:



If I’m not mistaken we had this feature for some time, but then someone broke it.

Update: app now starts with the last learned level, whereas it could be more convenient to start with the last opened level. I have an impression that that’s exactly how it worked for some period. If you have nothing to learn in a course, but only doing reviews level after level, it’s not fun to scroll down from 67 level.

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You fixed the way we see number of words to learn. Without any mention of this fix.


Hi @Hombre_sin_nombre, you’re right, this was changed in the 2021.4.26.0 release. In the last week, we’ve changed the way we gather information from our developers to make sure the release notes are as accurate as possible. Thanks for your patience :slightly_smiling_face: