100 verbs conjugations and tenses

Hi! I would really benefit from a pure “100 most used Portuguese verbs” course with all main and frequently used conjugations in the main tenses.

I am sure a pure verb course could be created as a stand-alone learning feature and extended?

Hey Adam,

I love verbs. When I began learning Spanish, the verb system, conjugations absolutely blew my mind. It is so efficient and clever. I love verbs because of this. I have been learning European Poruguese for the past two weeks now, have reached the point where I am trying to create my own method of learning for Portuguese and one aspect is building verb knowledge. The system is the same in Portuguese and I love it. I will be building a decks course that I think will be helpful for you, myself and hopefully others. I have figured out a means to collate a database of the 1000 most used verbs from 2012-present, with data from 4 billion+ written sources online, ordered by frequency, from most to least. These are for regular verbs and will be seperated by -ar, -er, -ir endings. The irregular verbs top 25 most used should be learnt independently. As for the regular ones, I figured making lists of 150 verbs each for -er, -ar and -ir. In my mind, with space repetition method, learning and drilling 20 per day by 4 weeks in, one could confidently retain 150 of each, potentially. What do you think? Is this too much for the average learner? I at this exact moment am trying to figure out the excel formula required to seperate the ar, ir, er, which are all in one list ordered by frequency of use. I built the list yesterday. By tomorrow night I will have lists made and then from there I will look to build my first course. I will be making a post about it when it is ready. I will be including native audio, I am very thorough and pay attention to detail in anything that I do, maybe some people will like that and recognize it in the way I work. Would love to hear your thoughts. :v: